Our projects
The best way to illustrate the work of International Zoo Services is perhaps to give you a survey of some of our favorite projects we have completed over the past 25 years.

One of our first projects took place during the eighties when Eastern and Western Europe were still separated. We managed the transfer of a male Bongo from Czechoslovakia to a zoo in West Germany where it participated in a very successful breeding program.


We located a large group of penguins, including King-penguins, Rock hopper-penguins, Magelhaen-penguins and Gentoo-penguins in South-America and transported them to a new zoo in Spain.

Transporting Giraffes from Europe to Brazil was, needless to say, a highly complicated project.


A pair of rare King-cheetahs left Africa under our care to their new home in a special breeding–facility in the Middle East.

We imported several Asian elephants accompanied by some Mahouts into Germany from different countries in South-East Asia.


Giant tortoises are very attractive to the public. We delivered a large group of these huge reptiles from a special breeding-centre to several zoos in Europe and Asia.

We located a pair of Gang-gang cockatoos that are highly desired and subsequently rarely offered.


A pair of clouded leopards was sent from a private breeding-center in the U.S.A to a zoo in Tokyo.

We located a pair of Manatees, of a governmental authority in South-America, which was willing to offer them on permanent loan to a zoo in Spain; they were transported by using a chartered plane.

Another large transport took place in the 90's when a group of 65 animals were transferred from several different zoos in Europe to a Night-safari in Southeast Asia.

We located a zoo in the Netherlands that was willing to donate a male Indian rhinoceros to a zoo in South-East Asia to complete a pair. International Zoo Services provided the crate and arranged for its transport.


White lions are rarely seen in zoos. We relocated a white lion from a private collection in Africa to a governmental zoo in the U.S.A.