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Complete surplus list
I want a complete list of all available specimens of International Zoo Services; where can I find it?

You can find our complete surplus-list on our website: www.zoo-services.com. With our menu you can make selections for mammals, birds or any other might be of your interest. You need to be registered to access to your complete surplus and price list.

Destination of animals
If I offer my surplus animals to International Zoo Services. Will I be informed about the final destination?

Yes, on request we can provide you all details of the future destination, like pictures of the facilities, etc. The final destination is subject to the approval from the supplying zoo.

Animals in stock
Does International Zoo Services have animals in stock and acts like a kind of animal-dealer?

No, we are no animal-dealers, and we have no animals in stock. The animals that we offer are in the facilities of supplier-zoos and they will be transported directly from zoo to zoo.

Which permits are necessary for import and export of animals?

This depends on several aspects. First the species: Some species are endangered and are mentioned on the so called Cites-list. Cites is the international organization that controls the trade in these species. Cites means: Convention of International Trade on Endangered Species. All permits (import and export) need to be applied at your countries Cites-office. Addresses of the Cites office in your country can be found in https://www.cites.org/eng/cms/index.php/component/cp Veterinary aspects are another issue. All countries have their own import conditions for each category of animals. See below. Certificate of Origin: sometimes a certificate of origin is required; this can be obtained at the local Chamber of Commerce. Other permits: sometimes, a transit-permit is necessary in case the animals make a stop-over at another airport.

How do I know if a species is on the list of Cites?

There are 3 categories of Cites-species. You can get updated information at:

Do I need permits for transport within the European Union of animals that are on the Cites A/B/C-list?

Sometimes yes, you need to contact your Cites-office for the last updated information.

How long does it take before a Cites export or import permit is issued?

This varies from country to country; in Europe it usually takes around 3-4 weeks for Cites B species. For Cites A species it can take little longer. In U.S.A. it takes from 3 weeks to 3 months for Cites II species, and for Cites I species from 5 months to a year. In Asia it depends on the country. For complicated applications that will need a scientific committee to approve it, issuing time could be longer.

I am an importer: Can I get a reduction on the prices of the available specimen of International Zoo Services?

In case you are not the final destination but an institution that handles the import-activities. We can in certain cases consider offering a reduction as compensation for your support.

Where can I get information about the veterinary requerements of importing animals into my country?

You can find information concerning your veterinary department or OIE representatives at: www.oie.int/en/about-us/our-members/delegates-new/ By contacting your veterinary department, you can find out your country official veterinary import requirements, in case you are the receiver. In case you are the shipper, you can also contact your department to inquire if they can fulfill the import conditions from the receiving country.

Which are the terms of payment of International Zoo Services?

To be sure that the animals are definitively reserved for the client, we usually ask for deposit of 30% at the moment of reservation. For very large orders we can consider a reduction on deposit. The balance need to be paid a few days before shipment.

Is an exchange of animals possible?

Yes, exchange can be considered, it will depend on whether or not there would be interested zoos for your surplus animals. In case there is interest, we have the conditions that your surplus animals are to be shipped first, afterwards we will send you the animals you have requested.

Can I offer my surplus and wanted specimens via International Zoo Services?

Yes, you can send us your surplus by filling in the matrix, or by sending a list by email to following address: surplus-wanted@zoo-services.com. Our team will check if the surplus is suitable to be mentioned in our website.

Which are International Zoo Services relations, to whom the animals are offered?

Our clients are mainly zoological parks, and aquariums from all over the world. Besides that, we supply animals to recognized breeding centers that manage the animal-collection according to current approved standards. Importers and animal suppliers can also be our partners as long as the transactions are handled according our standards and transparency is guaranteed.

Can I call International Zoo Services by phone?

We know that many of our relations would like to discuss details by phone; however, it is impossible to offer this service as we receive too many daily inquires and it would create enormous delays for our current projects. Nevertheless, for certain complicated situations we can contact you in case it cannot be properly handled by email.

Can I trust International Zoo Services with sending my payments before delivery?

International Zoo Services exists since 1985; during this period thousands of transports have been realized and all clients trusted us and paid up front. In case we cannot supply the concerning animals because of certain circumstances, deposit-payments always have been refunded.

Is there a live arrival guarantee?

We can guarantee live arrival but only in case we can receive a certificate from your veterinary department within 24 hours after arriving, stating the mortality. The concerning animals need to be kept untill refund has been realized.

Can a fix date of delivery be agreed?

It is difficult to guarantee delivery within a certain period; we depend on many circumstances out of our complete control. Especially when export and import permits are required there can be unexpected delay on permits issuing time.

I am looking for a specimen that is not mentioned on the surplus list on the website; can International Zoo Services help me locating?

Yes, we can offer our support by mentioning the concerning specimen in our wanted list, regularly emailed to our relations. You will be informed accordingly in case we can locate.

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