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Our services

Our services

Location-service: how we work

We could help you locate a particular animal you wish to include in your collection or to find a new home for your surplus specimens. The new home for your surplus specimens will naturally be subject to your approval. In addition we can take care of organizing documents, crates and shipment for you.

Transport and documentation-service: work for specialists!

The transport of live animals is often a very complex and time consuming process. International Zoo Services can assist your organization with relevant documentation. Our team can coordinate animal transports by truck, boat or airplane; this includes taking care of crates or other suitable containers. On various occasions we have chartered a complete airplane for an animal transport. This is only necessary for large shipments or for transfers to remote locations that are not served by normal airline-connections.

Breeding-loan and donations: especially for EAZA or AZA -members

International Zoo Services not only mediates between two parties, we also put them in direct contact with each other. This service is often used when a zoo desires an animal on a breeding-loan terms or wishes to make a donation. In cases like this International Zoo Services only offers consultancy services and will charge a finders-fee.


In case you want to exchange your surplus specimen for specimens that you wish to include in your collection, we can be of assistance to you. We will locate a zoo that is interested in your surplus-animals and provide you with the specimen that you are looking for on an exchange-base.

Special projects: donations from government to government.

Whenever the relocation of an animal involves extremely rare species or animals that are being donated by governments or governmental institutions, you need a partner that knows all the ins-and-outs of the laws and practices of that particular country and can secure the support of the governmental authorities involved. International Zoo Services has both the expertise and the network to successfully manage the most complex projects.