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Only professionals in the zoo world can apply for receiving the lastest news about the animal collections of zoological institutions worldwide.
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Can anyone be a user of our databank of International Zoo Services (IZS)?

No, only institutions and professionals involved in the zoological field are allowed to be a user. That means: zoos, reliable animal-suppliers, zoo-animal-consultants, private breeding centres, rescue-centres, sanctuaries etc. Circus and research-institutes will not be allowed to use our data-bank. In case that you are looking for an exotic animal to keep as a pet, we are not the source; privately-owned breeding-centres, not open for the public, with the only purpose of breeding species, are welcome too.

After registration, do I automatically will be a user of the databank?

No, your profile will be approved by the administrator; in case your details are in conformoty with our conditions you will receive a log-in code. If your profile does not match, IZS reserves the rights to reject your application.

Do other users get entrance to my details?

Other users will not see your personal name or the name of your institution. Your surplus and wanted records will be shared with others users as well as the details of the animals, only details about country or continent where you are located and type of institution you are. Other details are never shared in the website and are only used for our administration.

Why so many questions?

We would like to know if your institution is suitable to participate in our website; other users also would like to know to whom they offer their animals or from which type of source the animals are originated.